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Ventilation and pollutant removal performance in street canyons of different aspect ratios: an LES solution
Tracy N.H. Chung, Chun-Ho Liu 
Interpolating wind speed from the sparse Dutch network to a high resolution grid using local roughness from land use maps.
A. Stepek, I.L. Wijnant, Groen, G., P. Hiemstra, R. Sluiter 
More information: stepek@knmi.nl 
Severe wind gust thresholds for Meteoalarm derived from uniform return periods in ECA&D
I.L. Wijnant, A. Stepek, G. van der Schrier, E.J.M. van den Besselaar, A.M.G. Klein Tank 
Aerodynamic characteristics of road vehicles and bridges under cross winds
Yan Han, C. S. Cai, Zhengqing Chen, Zhongchu Tian 
Numerical analysis of vortex shedding of a light-mast
Jonas Thor Snæbjörnsson, Knut Inge Edvardsen, Jasna Bogunović Jakobsen, Bjarni Bessason 
Copy these files to: [drive]:\start\papers. Please don't rename the files to avoid problems with the USB search system. 

Estimation of the effects of vertical ventilation paths in city blocks based on the analysis of mean kinetic energy balance
Kondo Akihiko
NEW TIME Monday, E104, 15:45

Study of the wind profile of tropical cyclones using SODAR and wind-profiler data
B. Blocken et al.
NEW TIME Monday, E104, 17:15

Numerical anysis of wind environmental conditions in an entrance channel in Galicia, Spain
B. Blocken et al.
NEW TIME Monday, E104, 18:15

Subspace identification of flutter derivatives of bridge decks by buffeting test
Boonyapinyo et al.
NEW TIME Monday, E107, 18:15

Variational multiscale large-eddy simulations of the BARC flow configuration
A. Grozescu et al.
NEW TIME Tuesday, Forum Room, 13:00

Surface pressure correlation and buffeting force evaluation
H. Shirato et al.
NEW TIME Tuesday, Forum Room, 15:15

Probe capture for quantitative flow visualization in large scale wind tunnels
Landolt et al.
NEW TIME Tuesday, Forum Room, 18:15

High frequency base balance benchmark study
Meeting for committee members, participants and prospective participants
MEETING Tuesday, E002 (Press room), 2 p.m.

European African region
Informal meeting for committee members (organisor C. Borri), on invitation only
MEETING Tuesday, E002 (Press room), 16:00

Eulerian-Eulerian CFD snowdrift analysis
Z. Boutanios, H. Hangan
NEW TIME Wednesday, E104, 11:45

The copula as an instrument to evaluate the quasi-static combination of wind loads
G. Bartoli, C. Mannini, T. Massai
NEW TIME Wednesday, Forum, 18:00

A highly efficient wind turbine with wind-lens shroud
Y. Ohya, T.Karasudani, C. Matsuura
NEW TIME Wednesday, Forum, 14:30

Simulation wind conditions/events in the IBHS Research Center full-scale test facility
Z. Liu, T. Brown, A. Cope, T. Reinhold
NEW TIME Thursday, Forum, 9:00

Comparison of field and full-scale laboratory pressure data at the IBHS Research Center
T. Brown, Z. Liu, M. Morrison, A. Cope, D. Smith
NEW TIME Thursday, Forum, 9:15

Probabilistic assessment of extreme wind pressure for a large-span dome
Wi Du
NEW TIME Thursday, E104, 9:42

Laboratory evaluation of the urban effects on the dispersion process using a small-scale model
A. Wittwer, A. Loredo, E. Schettini
NEW TIME Thursday, E104, 15:30

Fluid-dynamic interaction of rectangular cylinders of different aspect ratio
F. Bacchi, A. Scarabino, M. Garcia Sainz, J. Sebastian Delnero
NEW TIME Thursday, E107, 16:30

Characteristics of fluctuating wind pressure in frequency domain for grandstand roofs
Y. Sun, Y. Wu, B. Xiang, H. Mei
NEW TIME Friday, E108, 13:00